Look here — this required some real vision on the part of the creators, and the result was a sight to behold, and unforgettable to anyone who eyed it. Read on…
 Squarespace wanted to show the world how easy it is to create a Squarespace web site. Weirdly enough, it's actually pretty easy — I built this site on Squarespace myself. But since not everyone knows that, the team at W+K NY connected Squarespace with actor and recording artist Jeff Bridges. Together, we created a Super Bowl campaign to promote Jeff's album  Sleeping Tapes , filled with spoken-word recordings designed to be literally sleep-inducing.
 On Jeff's Squarespace site, users could stream the album or buy a physical copy. A very limited number of signed box sets were made available via auction as well, raising thousands of dollars for No Kid Hungry, Jeff's charity of choice.
 I worked primarily on the packaging of the album, which was available in three different editions: a gold-foil gatefold edition with gold vinyl, a regular edition on black vinyl, and a cassette tape edition (for those people who still listen to their Walkman in bed, obviously). Notably, the eyes on the cover of the gold edition "went to sleep" when the slipcover was pulled out of the jacket, and the liner notes printed on the record label were designed to hypnotize the listener with their rotating spiral layout.
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