In July 2015, we helped Sprite open a pop-up venue in lower Manhattan called The Sprite Corner. Ostensibly a Sprite-themed bodega, The Sprite Corner featured all the authentic trappings of a typical New York City corner convenience store but actually harbored an exclusive secret event space.
 On entering, guests were greeted by a plethora of products, from breakfast cereal to candy bars. But almost all the products were created especially for The Sprite Corner. I oversaw the design of half of the 50-odd products and their packaging, including Frosted Fleeks, Oh Snap! potato chips, and Trill Mix. For many of the products, I designed names, illustrations, and logos for every box, bag, label and wrapper.
 Once past the bodega entryway, guests found themselves in a hidden event space, complete with a performance stage and bleacher-style seating. 
 I designed a large neon wall installation for the space, incorporating drawings by the other designers as well as my own, and providing several options for the client's consideration.
 The final produced design measured over 8 feet across and was almost bright enough to light up the entire space on its own.
 To promote these events, I created portraits of three featured celebrities to be used in posters and online promotional material. The portraits were approved by the celebrities themselves.
 The portraits were used in GIFs (designed by Eden Weingart and animated by  Giant Ant ) that appeared on  Sprite's Tumblr .
 Because it was always meant to be a temporary pop-up space, The Sprite Corner is now closed forever. Goodbye, Sprite Corner. You were so dope to work on.
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