For the last few years, I've worked with Imagination's New York office on promoting the National Football League's annual International Series. Every season, three NFL games are played in London's Wembley Stadium, the second largest arena in Europe, and Imagination creates and produces every piece of visual communication for the venue.
 In 2015, almost 50 different players from six NFL teams were featured in digital billboards, column wraps, wall graphics and stadium banners. As the photo-retoucher on the project, I had the task of ensuring every single player image not only looked gritty and compelling, but was consistent with NFL guidelines. This shot of the New York Jets' Darrelle Revis, for example, required a color change to the uniform, in addition to a half-dozen other corrections. Every player image had to be color-corrected so that the uniform colors matched their PANTONE equivalents.
 Here's one example of the many ways the image was used at the famed London arena.
 I worked on the project in 2014 as well, retouching over 60 player images.
 Londoners loved getting up-close with the wall banners, which underscored how important it was to get every detail right during the retouching phase.
 A small selection of the dozens of player images that were retouched in 2015. 
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