Working closely with the art directors, I designed ESPN's NASCAR Sprint Cup campaign print ads over three seasons. Every week for 17 straight weeks at the climax of the season, our team designed a new ad that directly addressed the previous race, including photography from the event. This afforded us less than 24 hours to source the right set of image options, write multiple lines of copy for the client's consideration, and put them all together in time for the production process (retouching, proofreading, mechanical-building) to run its course. And we'd do the whole thing all over again the following week.
 The weekly ads ran in newspapers across the country, but we'd also place monthly magazine ads (like the ones above). Because of the rapid turnaround times, it helped that I was both the designer and the production artist on the project. This allowed me to address production considerations in the design stage, in order to steer clear of any potential problems that might cause delivery delays. On certain weeks, when our retouchers were slammed on other work, I was able to draw on my own experience and perform retouching duties myself.
 For 2011, we gave the campaign a gritty, desaturated look, and used a single primary typeface, Ziggurat, by Hoefler & Co.
 We updated the look and feel of the campaign in 2012 using variations of House Industries' United typeface, as well as Hoefler & Co's Acropolis.
 I also wrote and designed style guides and asset guides for the entire print campaign. 
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