As part of a brand refocusing effort in 2011, Stag & Hare created the definitive image library and visual standards for the world's most recognizable vodka, Absolut. I was brought in for retouching duties. 
 To ensure color consistency across the entire photo library, I created standardized assets like backgrounds and bottles in Photoshop.
 Of course, everything began with Martin Wonnacott's stellar photography. I then created blank background files based on photos, then comped the real bottle in. The bottles were then "scrubbed" in Photoshop so that color-accurate graphics and type could be applied onto the blanks. Finally, shadows and reflections were added.
 Part of the effort included these awesome drink and garnish arrangements that represented each of the four seasons. This one, above, evokes summer.
 Each of these arrangements was based on actual photography, and then re-comped and re-assembled in Photoshop. I started with the un-retouched background, then created a clean environment onto which a bottle could be placed. Drinks and garnishes from a different shot were comped in, together with reflections. The orange drink at the front had to be replaced with a red one. 
 Every element was worked on separately. Among other things, the orange slice in the drink needed color correction to ensure it looked like a real, juicy piece of fruit.
 Here's the final retouched image, designed to evoke autumn. The ones below represent holiday and spring, respectively.
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